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A Wineworthy Crispness

Here I am again to talk about a brew similar to my first alcohol-snob post. Instead of tipping my hat to Autumn the subject is ringing in the beginning of Winter. Namely Woodchuck Winter Limited Release is our beverage of choice tonight, and quite the drink it is.

The look is almost exactly the same as their original offering, with a slight cloudiness to it. The scent is a little more muted than what I am used to, and very sweet, and I am a little worried.

The flavor is definitely the saving grace, with a complex and subtle background consisting of woody notes and smooth vanilla. The apple hit is there, bringing a familiar tone to the entire package. I would venture to say this could even have a wine-feel to it, nice alcohol taste that mellows into something convoluted. I would also love to try another bottle warm, to fully experience the character, and I can easily say I will suggest this to others.


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