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Simu-Post Dec 2010

What does this mean?!? This means I am posting on both of my blogs AT THE SAME TIME! Whoo… how nice…

This is where the similarities end. While I will indeed be apologetic for the fact that I have taken a brief leave of absence, I will dictate that this blog will indeed not consign to oblivion (my current favorite phrase).

Less than two weeks left in my encumbrance known as higher education, which will most likely translate to more posts here, and possible longer entries as well. Enough blather about schoolwork and the like, now for some blathering upon a different subject!

Ever get the feeling likened to owning a cozy trailer, then suddenly upgrading to a opulent abode with at least twenty times as much space? Neither have I, but I did get an appetizer of the sort with the upgrading from a two gigabyte compact beasty to a monstrous eighty-gig leviathan capable of holding my entire library and laughing as it would inevitably crave more. More I shall feed it, and more it will grow (obviously not literally, as it merely is hardware that has space limitation brought about by physics). Happy Day and Just Elation!

Lately I’ve been watching more movies, giving thanks to my subscription, and yet my opinion of them has not waned. Ever since childhood I’ve found movies mostly meaningless, opting for something, anything else that would most likely be just as useless. I have no idea why I hold this notion and thus have become a viewer of movies. On a tangent, I wonder why we cannot have a perpetual Autumn? I understand all seasons have their respective place within the delicate system we know as our biome, but with the wondrous way we manipulate our surrounds I believe this can be facilitated to our benefit. Perhaps this would become boring, but the soul-frosting torture that is our Solstice is something I can do without.

Usually this will be the most personal I will get in an entry, with any deeper gaining a precautionary statement, and I am comfortable with this. The downfall of blogging came from the overloading of inappropriate information and the ensuing embarrassment that precedes.

Well, that didn’t work out so well… completely forgot about this post. Oh well, more to come…


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